Electric Vehicle Charging Stations now available at your conference centre

This week saw the launch of The Priory Rooms’ Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, now available for all conference centre users.


The Priory Rooms have always encouraged visitors to reduce their carbon footprint by travelling on public transport to our city centre venue. In an exciting step forward, The Priory Rooms have invested in Electric Vehicle Charging Stations outside the venue and are even offering delegates a free fill up as a reward to investing in environmentally-friendly electric vehicles.

At the launch was Kevin Cummins from Birmingham City Council’s Sustainability, Transportation & Partnerships Department, who praised The Priory Room’s contribution to reducing Birmingham’s carbon emissions. As a representative of Birmingham City Council’s efforts to improving the sustainability of Birmingham’s transport for future generations, Kevin was delighted to showcase The Priory Rooms’ new chargers by filling up and taking a member of Bull Street Premises Committee, William Waddilove for a spin in an electric car.

Take a look at photographs from the launch on our Flickr page: www.flickr.com/photos/theprioryrooms//

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I have booked many meetings large and small at the Priory rooms over the last 2.5 years, I have always found the booking process, quick and efficient, likewise the billing afterwards. I often receive good reports from my team on the Priory room facilities and helpful staff. Booking the Priory rooms makes my life a little easier.

Morwenna Jordan – Environment Agency