Environmental Initiatives

Here at The Priory Rooms we are strongly committed to operating our venue in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way. We try to achieve this in various ways listed below as well as continuing to look at new initiatives to improve upon this:

  • The teas, coffee, hot chocolate and sugar we serve are all Fairtrade.
  • The water we provide in our meeting rooms is all bottled on site in recycled glass bottles.
  • All of our plastic cups are 100% compostable and biodegradable.
  • We encourage customers to choose a meat-free catering on Mondays.
  • All the paper we use in our printers and photocopier is made of 75% recycled material using low CO2 production methods.
  • All of our waste packaging and paper is recycled. We also have points around the building for other recyclable items, including batteries and ink cartridges.
  • In 2015 we were awarded a Silver Award from our recycling contractors for high percentage of waste that we recycle. This followed previous awards for 2014 and 2013.
  • Being located within walking distance of three mainline railway stations, the tram and buses, we always encourage delegates to travel by public transport.
  • We have an electric car charging point outside our building.
  • Harvested rain water is used to flush the ground floor ladies toilets, reducing the amount of mains water we use.
  • All of the lights in our lower ground floor meeting rooms were replaced last year with new energy efficient led lights, and our Main Meeting House is also fitted out with led lights.
  • Staff are diligent when it comes to turning off lights and electrical appliances not in use.
  • Our Building Management System has sensors to control our heating system, and we have passive infrared sensors in our toilets and lobby area to control our lighting, all reducing unnecessary energy usage
  • In 2013 we invested £35k to replace the glass in the Atrium in order to better insulate this area, as well as investing £10k to insulate the roof and walls throughout the rest of the building.
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The venue was great and well-organised, and staff members were very helpful and friendly.

Jamila Boughelaf, Mentor