It’s #FairtradeFortnight and as a sustainable company the Priory Rooms are involved all year round by buying locally sourced and Fairtrade products. By doing so we aim to ensure that we contribute to the Fairtrade mission.


What is Fairtrade Fortnight?
Fairtrade Fortnight is an action-packed highlight of the year, when campaigners, businesses, schools and places of worship show their support for the farmers and workers who grow our food in developing countries.
It’s a shocking fact that millions of farmers and workers who produce the food we love still don’t earn enough to feed their own families. It’s time for this injustice to end. Fairtrade Fortnight puts a spotlight on trade. When trade is fair it has the potential to improve the lives of the people who grow our food.

Fairtrade products range from Bananas, Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Flowers, Gold, Sugar and Tea. Fairtrade certification now also covers dozens of new products including fresh fruit, dried fruit, juices, cereals, vegetables, nuts & oils, herbs & spices and sports balls. This means thousands more farmers and workers have the opportunity to benefit from fairer terms of trade and invest additional income from Fairtrade sales in developing their businesses or improving their communities.

How the Priory Rooms help
The Priory Rooms choose Fairtrade when purchasing our coffee as well as our tea, hot chocolate and sugar.
We work closely with our main suppliers with an aim to source sustainable, Fairtrade and organic foods and increase the availability of local produce (where seasonality allows), in order to reduce the negative impacts on the environment, by making the distance that food travels from farm to plate far shorter.
By choosing Fairtrade coffee we are also supporting farmers to fight the challenges they may face. These include the effects of a changing climate, low and unpredictable incomes and in some coffee growing communities, there may not be enough food available for three to four months a year.

A coffee station at The Priory Rooms meeting venue in Birmingham

Here’s what you can do get involved

When you choose Fairtrade you are helping to ensure that the person who grew the banana you are eating, or the coffee beans used to make your drink, was paid fairly for their work. Commit to making your snack today Fairtrade.

Throughout Fairtrade Fortnight we’re introducing you to the people behind our food. The Fairtrade farmers and workers who show the impact Fairtrade can have on them and their communities. Follow us on social media and like, comment and share our posts to support the Fairtrade mission

Sign up to receive emails from Fairtrade and they’ll let you know about Fairtrade events, offers and news. They will also tell you when they are running petitions which you may want to sign – an easy way to contribute to the Fairtrade mission.
There are many other ways you can be a part of the Fairtrade movement. You can encourage your town to become a Fairtrade Town, or local school to become a Fairtrade School. You can campaign or fundraise. There are lots of links on the Fairtrade website here to inspire you.