Formerly known as Cruse Bereavement, The Lavender Friendship Group are a group of like-minded people who meet on a regular basis. They first met at the Priory Rooms back in 2015 and meet here every week on a Wednesday morning. However, their group was actually formed in 2001 by three ladies, one of which (Irene) is still a part of the group today. Irene was a councillor for Cruse Bereavement Care for 27 years offering 1-1 meetings for bereaved families before forming group sessions, in which she was told would never work. They proved this to not be the case by holding weekly meetings ever since.

After finding the Priory Rooms back in 2015, Michael Lavender sadly passed away a short time afterwards. In memory of Michael, the group renamed themselves to Lavender Friendship Group. Michael, funded the group via friends of his to help keep the group going.

The group meet weekly each Wednesday between 10am Р12pm for a coffee and a chat for a chance to socialise and would often go on day trips to places such as Western-super-Mare, Southport and York which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Whatever the weather, everyone does their best to make the meetings and they have all formed a great bond.


They have got to know Priory Rooms staff over the years and shared many stories and memories about their pasts.
Some of the ladies of the group have even knitted keepsakes for the mums of the Priory Rooms ready for their new arrivals.

We look forward to seeing them each week and Wednesday mornings wouldn’t be the same without them. If anyone would like more information, just come along on a Wednesday¬†morning to join the group.