One of the projects we support here at the Priory Rooms is Northfield’s Ecocentre which offers ideas and advice on greener living in order to live better and protect the environment.

In November the Northfield Ecocentre launched their Northfield’s Orchards project, aiming to plant 1400 fruit and nut trees in the Northfield Constituency over two years.

So far they have planted trees at the Black Horse Pub, Aliens Cross Community Centre, St Bartholomew’s Church (Aliens Cross), Turves Green Boys School, St Laurence School and Crofton Park. These will mature in two to three years and produce fruit.

Where next? In March and April they will be planting 156 more trees (Broadleaf Whips) In Kings Norton Nature Reserve and also at Northfield Ecocentre itself.

How can you help? Northfield Ecocentre is looking for people to sponsor a tree, provide a location or volunteer to help plant the trees. If you are interested, Please get in touch by calling 0121 448 0119

For more info about the Northfield’s Orchards Project visit